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-(1) Complimentary Personal Training Session*
- Mobility Stretch and Massage Sessions
- (1) Physical Therapy Evaluation (-Do you have knee
pain, low back pain, scoliosis, neck pain, hip mobility
issues or shoulder pain? Please let me know our Functional movement and Corrective Exercise Specialist
will be happy to assist you in alleviating some of those
-Unlimited Access to Group Fitness Classes** 
-Complimentary Boxing lesson
- Complimentary Nutrition Consultation
-Genesis Weight Loss Program - which includes
-Custom Meal Plans made by your Nutrition coach
-Weekly weigh ins, Body fat testing, Check ins
-24/7 Text Message Support
- Access to the Genesis Wellness Mobile App
-Community and events
-10% of Personal Training Packages (Exclusively for members

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  • We work with you to set a wellness plan of action in place

  • We work with you to announce the program and services to employees

  • We work with you to build in employee accountability

  • We work with you do an orientation program

  • We provide you with all the tools you necessary to start your program

The Genesis Wellness Group corporate membership strives on excellence bringing an elite level of innovation, service and performance to every company we work with. What separates us from everybody else is our unique combination of Personal Training, Group fitness Classes, Physical Therapy, Functional Rehabilitation and the Genesis Weight-loss Program. We take pride in our ability to track and provide progress reports to lower your company’s health insurance premiums. 

Genesis Wellness Group corporate membership includes the following services:

⦁ Personal Trainers
⦁ Genesis Wellness Weight loss Program
⦁ Massage Therapist
⦁ Physical Therapy
⦁ Functional Rehabilitation
⦁ Posture Correction Program and Assessment
⦁ Senior Fitness Programs
⦁ Mobility Stretch Therapy
⦁ Company Wellness Challenges and Rewards
⦁ Healthy Vending Machines at your work site

Our specialized team creates customized wellness programs for your company specific to your employees while encompassing the vision of the company. The assessments we implement in our wellness programs provide a complete 360 approach to evaluate the overall health condition of each employee. Specific content will go out to each individual based off his or her needs to keep your employees more active and efficient throughout their work day.